Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find previously generated reports?

Visit to view or download your reports.

What services or products does Gene Heritage offer?

Gene Heritage uses raw data from AncestryDNA™, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage DNA, Living DNA, and other DNA testing services to compile reports about your family's genes.

Does Gene Heritage collect my actual DNA?

No. To get a Gene Heritage Report, you need to first submit a saliva sample to one of several DNA testing companies. We analyze and reuse your raw DNA data from these companies to compile our reports.

What genes and traits are reported on?

Visit Our Approach page to see a list of genes and traits covered by Gene Heritage reports.

How do I get my raw DNA data?

After you've sent your DNA to a DNA testing company and they notify you that your sample has been analyzed, you can download your raw DNA data by following these simple instructions.

Can I upload AncestryDNA™ or FamilyTreeDNA raw DNA data to 23andMe?

No. 23andMe does not process raw DNA data from any other services.

Can I upload AncestryDNA™ or FamilyTreeDNA raw DNA data to Gene Heritage?

YES. Gene Heritage can process raw DNA data from these services.

How is Gene Heritage different from AncestryDNA™?

Unlike AncestryDNA™, we analyze your DNA to tell you which genes you've inherited from family members, as well as how these genes have influenced various traits, such as eye color, taste, and smell. We report on the ancient origin of these genes.

What data formats does Gene Heritage accept?

Gene Heritage accepts raw DNA data from the following DNA testing services:

Can I get a copy of my Gene Heritage Report?

Yes. Reports are available in HTML format and are easily shareable with your family.