Privacy Statement

Gene Heritage ( is a service of Castedo Ellerman LLC in Massachusetts, USA. We, legal members of Castedo Ellerman LLC and workers authorized to fulfill specific tasks of Gene Heritage services, have access to information provided to and by Gene Heritage.

We do not share data between Gene Heritage customers or users. We do not sell DNA data nor personally identifiable information to third parties. We only share DNA and personally identifiable information to fulfill Gene Heritage services and products as publicly described.

Third Party File Hosting Services

We recommend using a third party file hosting service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, to share and receive personal genetic information, such as raw DNA data.

For customers choosing to use a third party file hosting service, we download and upload sensitive information (such as raw DNA data) in a secure way with encryption when over the Internet.

For customers choosing to use a third party file hosting service, control of ongoing access is done through the file hosting service. Gene Heritage does not keep copies longer than a month of customer files stored in a third party hosting service. Through a third party file hosting service customer can delete their data or remove access from Gene Heritage.


Information that must be stored and transmitted securely should not be sent via email. Gene Heritage recommends using third party file hosting services for the storage and sharing of any information that must be secure.

Email text and attachments are used for the sharing of information that customers accept as being handled insecurely with little control of where copies of the data exist and how long those copies exist.


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