DNA Sample Collection

If you've already sent a DNA sample to AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage DNA, Living DNA or 23andMe, then you're all set to request your Gene Heritage Report. Otherwise, you'll need to first send a DNA sample to one of the following DNA testing companies. If you've processed your sample with a provider not listed here, please contact us.


The DNA testing service from Ancestry is usually $99. If you subscribe then you can also get connected to Ancestry's very large database of potential family relatives.


The DNA testing service from 23andMe offers an ancestry-only test for $99 (as of 2016).


Use the Family Finder offering, normally $99, if you choose FamilyTreeDNA.

MyHeritage DNA

The DNA testing service from MyHeritage offers a test for $99.

Living DNA

The DNA testing service from Living DNA offers a test for $99 (as of 2017).