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For only $8 per family member, use raw DNA data from AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe, and others to learn about your family's genes, traits, and ancient origins.

Learn about Your Genetic Traits

See what genes you inherited and can pass down. Traits covered include eye color, lactose intolerance, alcohol flush reaction, taste and smell sensitivity, and many more. .

Predictable Dark Eye Color
Allele Pair People with these allele pairs normally have dark eyes, typically brown.


Uncover Your Family Gene Lines

See lines of descent for inherited genes in your family tree. View an or .

Requires DNA from a child, parent, and optionally grandparent.

Measure % Of Grandparent DNA Inherited

Uncover different amounts of grandparent DNA passed down in your family. .

Requires DNA from a grandparent, parent and child.

Grandpa Paternal (49%) Grandma
Gramps Maternal (51%) Granny

Uncover African, Asian, and European Genes

Discover some of your genes with ancient origins in Africa, Asia, and Europe. .

Inheritance & Origins

Light (European)

Jean inherited one "Light" allele of OCA2 from Mom. This allele originates from an ancient European mutation that occurred thousands of years ago.

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