Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gene Heritage do?

We use raw DNA data from AncestryDNA™, MyHeritage™, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe, and other DNA collectors to compile reports about your family's genes, traits, and ancient origins.

Which traits does Gene Heritage report on?

Traits we report on include eye color, earwax type, armpit odor, lactose intolerance, Asian Flush, and taste and smell sensitivity. Here's a complete list of the genes and traits we cover.

What can Gene Heritage tell me about my ancient origins?

Our reports indicate whether your genes have been around for tens of thousands of years or derive from more recent mutations occurring in Europe, Asia, Eurasia, and Africa.

What is the Parent-Child upgrade?

With a Parent-Child upgrade, you can see how genes have been passed down from a parent to a child and which family members have the same allele pairs. It is not a paternity or maternity test.

Does Gene Heritage collect my actual DNA, i.e. saliva sample?

No, we don’t collect your actual DNA. To get your Gene Heritage report, you must first send a saliva sample or cheek swab to a DNA collector if you haven't done so already. Popular DNA collectors include:

I’ve already sent in my saliva sample. Now how do I get my Gene Heritage Report?

If you’ve submitted a saliva sample and received your results from your DNA collector, then you’re ready to get a Gene Heritage report! Simply sign up and follow the instructions to upload your raw DNA data.

Where do I get my raw DNA data?

Download your raw DNA data by following these simple instructions.

How long does it take to get my Gene Heritage report?

Once you upload your raw DNA data to us, your report is usually ready within seconds.

What is raw DNA data?

Raw DNA data is a file you can download for free from your DNA collector and then upload to us to generate your Gene Heritage report.

How much do reports cost?

You only pay $12 per family member, regardless of how many reports are generated or DNA files uploaded.

Can I upload my AncestryDNA™, FamilyTreeDNA, or 23andMe raw DNA data to Gene Heritage?

Yes! Gene Heritage can process raw data from these DNA collectors and others.
Power user tip: if you have raw DNA data for the same individual from different DNA collectors, you can upload all the data for no extra charge to get even better results.

How is Gene Heritage different from AncestryDNA™?

We report on the ancient origins of your genes and how they’ve been passed down from grandparents and parents to a child.

How do I access previously generated reports?

Visit to view or download your reports.

Can I get a copy of my Gene Heritage Report?

Yes, reports are available to download for your archival purposes. Use our Share Feature to share your reports online with family and friends.

Can I delete my raw DNA data?

Yes, for your security you can delete your raw DNA data at anytime when signed in to We do not share your raw data with third parties.