What Else Can I Do with My Raw DNA Data?

By Gene Heritage

It wasn’t pretty, but you managed to spit a big gob of saliva into a vial and mail it off to AncestryDNA™, 23andMe, FTDNA or some other DNA collector. After waiting on pins and needles for a month or two, you finally got your results.

Now what? What else can you do with your DNA results?

With AncestryDNA™, 23andMe, FTDNA, and other DNA collectors you get a file known as "raw DNA data" that third-party tools like Gene Heritage can use to tell you even more about yourself.

Why Use Third-Party Raw DNA Tools?

Third-party raw DNA tools use your raw data to:

Some third-party tools charge a small fee (like Gene Heritage or Promethease); others are pretty expensive. Click here for a list of raw DNA tools.