How Do I Use Raw DNA Data?

By Gene Heritage

How Do I Use Third-Party Raw DNA Tools?

To use a third-party tool, first download your raw DNA data from your DNA collector, then simply upload it to the third-party tool. Some tools only accept raw DNA from one or two DNA collectors; others like Gene Heritage are compatible with raw DNA from multiple sources. Click here to see which tools accept raw DNA transfers from your DNA collector.

How Do I Get My Raw DNA Data?

If you’ve sent in a saliva sample to your DNA collector and received your results, you already have access to your very own raw DNA file. Login to the website of your DNA collector to download it for free. Here are instructions on how to download your raw DNA.

Please read your DNA collector’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement before downloading; most don’t want you to get mad at them if third-party tools reveal scary information that keeps you up all night.

In all seriousness, some third-party tools make dubious or uninformed claims that could be misleading or cause anxiety. It’s important to keep in mind that there are a whole bunch of other influences on your traits aside from genes, including dietary, microbial, and lifestyle factors. Talk to a health care provider or genetic counselor if you seek professional health care assistance.